1. The Old Olive Oil Debate

    Olive oil is an integral part of Italian cuisine. It’s a favorite cooking oil. It’s excellent for making sauces. It’s made it’s way onto salads as well. It’s a known fact that olive oil and Italian cooking go hand in hand. But what are all of the different olive oils out there? Why are there so many olive oils in the supermarket that we can choose from? What’s the difference between ex…Read More

  2. Date Night Here at La Cucina

    It’s Friday. The kids are at the grandparents’ house. You put in 50 hours at the office over the week. It’s time to unwind with the love of your life. It’s date night, and all you have to do is decide where to go. You decide, of course, to head over to La Cucina Italian Eatery, your local connection to authentic Italian food here in Conshohocken. Date Night at La Cucina Our menu was made t…Read More

  3. Real Italian Ingredients

    When it comes to Italian food, there are certain ingredients that are synonymous with that Italian flavor. As we’d mentioned in our last blog, some of those ingredients include artichokes, basil, and mushrooms… but the list goes on. We’re continuing that list - so just as we do in our restaurant, we’re offering up Italy’s most famed ingredients in today’s blog. Olives What’s Italy wi…Read More

  4. Benvenuto!

    Welcome to La Cucina’s blog and news. We’re here to feed you information surrounding the world of food, the history of Italy, the secrets behind pizza, where to find the best ingredients on earth, and other topics that are pillars of our business. As your local Italian restaurant, we’re proud to provide authentic Italian food; and we’re happy to entertain you with recent information, facts…Read More