Pizza aficionados all over the United States proudly proclaim their knowledge of the origins of pizza, America’s favorite dish. But the truth is that most of them are probably wrong! Do you know the origin of gooey cheese, tomatoes, and flaky crust? La Cucina Italian Eatery has the scoop on the origins of this delicious phenomenon.

Pizza Origins

The origin of the word “pizza” isn’t clear. It is Italian for the word “pie” which is thought to derive from either the Latin pix or the Greek pitta. The origins of the dish itself are just as mysterious. It is commonly believed that pizza got its start in Italy, but the Greeks, Egyptians, Babylonians, Armenians, and Israelis all had some variation on the form. So where did pizza really come from?

And the answer is…

The answer isn’t as clear-cut as we’d like. But if you think about it long enough, it begins to make sense. Stacking delicious toppings on a piece of flatbread is so tasty and functional, it makes sense that many different cultures would adapt some sort of similar practice. However, the pizza we know and love today does have a more definitive origin story that begins in Naples, Italy.

Once upon a time…

The story goes that the kingdom of Naples had a large population of poor lazzaroni, or working people. Unlike the wealthy, the lazzaroni had to find inexpensive foods that could be consumed relatively quickly. Topping flatbreads with soft white cheeses, tomatoes, garlic, oil, and anchovies was both easy and utilized common, inexpensive ingredients. The phenomenon spread, making its way across the Atlantic with immigrants coming to America. It’s popularity steadily grew until it exploded after World War II. Soon, a once “ethnic” treat became a national favorite.

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