italian1It’s Friday. The kids are at the grandparents’ house. You put in 50 hours at the office over the week. It’s time to unwind with the love of your life. It’s date night, and all you have to do is decide where to go. You decide, of course, to head over to La Cucina Italian Eatery, your local connection to authentic Italian food here in Conshohocken.

Date Night at La Cucina

Our menu was made to dazzle. You and your love are ecstatic over the selection. After perusing through the soups, salads, the gourmet pizzas, the calzonis, the strombolis, the paninis, the pasta, and the seafood, you finally decide; tonight, you and yours will split the fritto di calamari and eggplant florentine for an appetizer.
Then, it’s on to the vegetable stromboli for you (you can’t resist eggplant and roasted garlic) and penne mediterraneo for the lady (she’s a sucker for feta cheese and sundried tomatoes). You’re already full when it’s italian3time to order dessert, but you can’t help but splurge on the first date you’ve had since your first-born child came into the world. You decide to split a slice of cheesecake, and you have no regrets. Fully satiated, you’re ecstatic at having made La Cucina your go-to Italian eatery and the night’s date destination. With fantastic food, stellar service, and an adorable atmosphere, La Cucina has made the top of your list for Friday-night dining. You decide to keep
our menu handy, and you decide to keep your Fridays dedicated to a visit to La Cucina here in Conshohocken.